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Lithium-Ion Battery Fire & Explosion Resources

Dissertation - Fire & explosion hazards due to thermal runaway propagation in lithium-ion battery systems

Dissertation by Erik Archibald

Results of lithium-ion thermal runaway experiments involving single cells, simple arrays and ESS modules.  Provides an excellent summary of lithium-ion battery gas compositions and flammability properties (see Figure 5.5, Section 5.4 and Table 5.4 ).  Models for fire and explosion hazard analysis.

Lithium-Ion Hazard Web Tools

UT Fire Research Group

Battery vent gas composition database and properties of vent gases.  Lithium-ion battery incident database.  Basic explosion calculator tools.

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)  Failure Incident Database


A catalog of all publicly known major ESS fires, explosions and other failures across the world.

Explosion Hazards from Lithium-Ion Battery Vent Gas

Journal paper by Baird, Archibald, Marr, Ezekoye

One of the most important papers on lithium-ion battery thermal runaway flammable gas hazards. Review of flammable gas production for different lithium-ion battery cells.  Simple models for flammability and explosion hazards.

Email for a free copy.

Toxic Gases from EV Fires

RISE Sweden

Experimental study and review of body of experimental literature on toxic gases developed by lithium-ion battery thermal runaway.

Battery University

A must-see resource for batteries.

One of the web's best free resources for all things battery related.

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